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Wildly Beautiful Lifestyle with Body and Soul

Sisi AND JOE Hair Haarpflege Haar

Touch thy hair

Sisi AND JOE Hair Haarpflege Haar Pure Green

Touch thy face

Sisi AND JOE Body Körperpflege Pure Green

Touch thy body

Sisi AND JOE Men Männerpflege

Men in touch

Sisi AND JOE Pure Green

Sisi and Joe – love in touch

Moisturizing, energizing and stimulating to the senses. That is Sisi AND JOE, our purely natural and vegan body care line. Inspired by the romantic relationship between the wildly beautiful Empress Elisabeth and her Franz Josef, we interpret it as a great love affair and retell the story. Only the very best natural ingredients are combined in the Sisi AND JOE care products as a declaration of true love for skin and hair. Edelweiss from organic cultivation with its more than 40 active ingredients, aloe vera, apricot kernel oil, elder, grape seed, witchhazel and many more natural ingredients cleanse, smooth and protect the skin. 100% vegan, 100% plant and mineral based. 100% cruelty free – no animal testing.

100% natural – Go on, spoil yourself

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