Project Description


Limited but unlimited

Time and again, when we are working on special projects, we also have the idea to have special editions and product lines with limited availability. Sometimes crazy, sometimes playful and sometimes simply advantageous. We are very happy to share the results with you and are delighted if you like them.

Magical Edition


The magical Unicorn Shampoo makes your hair shine like star dust. The heavenly Unicorn Shower Gel ensures a magical and unforgettable shower experience. The fabulous Unicorn Hair Conditioner makes your hair as soft as candy floss. The wonderful Unicorn Hair Serum nourishes your hair and makes it shine. The pampering Unicorn Body Milk leaves your skin feeling enchantingly soft.

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The must-have for anybody who regularly does sport. The specially developed 100ml tubes fit into any sports bag and the multifunctional and highly effective care formulae are refreshing as well as helping to save space, time and money. Numerous sports fans are loyal, regular customers!

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