Project Description

With the energy of the mountains

Traditional products for skin and hair – interpreted in a modern way

ALPINE Organics takes us back to authentic alpine origins and naturalness. Inspired by the breathtaking beauty of the Tyrolean mountains, this product line combines scents from alpine plants, essential oils and plant extracts with fresh Tyrolean mountain spring water. The line is based on traditional compositions using herbs and plants from our region which have been passed down through generations. The innovative formulas are obviously in accordance with the latest standards in natural cosmetics. ALPINE Organics products are 100% vegan and free of mineral oils and synthetic ingredients such as silicon, artificial perfumes or preservatives. Pure nature only.

Authentic | Natural | Breathtaking

Alpine stone pine

Calming | Invigorating

Alpine Organics Pure Green Zirbe


Stimulating | Stress-reducing

Alpine Organics Pure Green Rosenwurz

Lemon Balm

Refreshing | Relaxing

Alpine Organics Pure Green Zitronenmelisse


Harmonising | Soothing

Alpine Organics Pure Green Holunder

Hay Flower

Stimulating | Stabilising

Alpine Organics Pure Green Rosmarin

The fragrance of regional alpine plants


ALPINE Organics is regional natural cosmetics out of conviction in harmony with nature. With fresh mountain spring water, subtle scents and no frills. For people with an active, sporty and health-conscious lifestyle. Composed of natural, regional raw materials, fine vegetable oils and the scent of local flowers, meadows and forests. Enjoy unique product quality by focusing on the essentials.

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