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Liebe die Natur is the brand for daily use – with a clear conscience and the security provided by COSMOS certification. Mild extracts of lemon balm, organic wild rose, organic elder and organic nettle pamper the whole family. Valuable grapeseed, jojoba oil and aloe vera promotes the skin’s natural balance. Natural cleansing particles in the proven Liebe die Natur toothpaste ensure beautiful teeth as well as cleaning between them. Gums remain healthy and organic peppermint oil imparts a fresh, pleasant feeling to the mouth.

We all want to feel comfortable in our body and the right care does not only spoil our body, but also our senses. With the vegan and purely plant-based natural cosmetics line “Liebe die Natur”, you can be sure that the care products are good for you and good for the environment. High-quality organic raw materials on a purely plant basis and natural fragrances are the heart of this line, developed and produced in Austria.

With Liebe die Natur, we make sure that we give something back to nature and the environment when buying our products. The folding box is made from 100% recycled material and is climate-neutral. This means that we offset the greenhouse gas emissions for this printed product by supporting water treatment in Africa. The project that we support aims to reduce the smoke emissions caused by boiling polluted water. In rural areas of Malawi, for example, outdated and unusable well systems are being rehabilitated, thus ensuring access to clean water. Access to clean water eliminates the need to boil contaminated water to make it drinkable. This saves large amounts of wood and also avoids the release of climate-damaging CO2.




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