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Immerse yourself in the world of ALPINE ORGANICS

Our skin is our body’s largest organ. Every skin has different needs and characteristics. Whether normal, very dry or mature skin - every skin type has individual requirements.

The ALPINE ORGANICS skin care range includes both light body lotions, intensively nourishing body oils as well as a rich body butter. For nursing moments under the shower, we have a wide selection of scents to offer. From relaxing alpine stone pine and rose fragrances to refreshing lemon balm – here, your search for extraordinary fragrances has come to an end. Find your special wellness moment, be surprised by the diversity of nature’s palette and immerse yourself in the world of ALPINE ORGANICS.

ALPINE ORGANICS stands for natural products from Austria, 100% vegan and cruelty-free. All products are enriched with high-quality organic ingredients and contain valuable Tyrolean mountain spring water.






Invigorate your senses with the fresh fragrance of lemon balm. Its invigorating aroma makes lemon balm one of the most popular medicinal herbs in naturopathy. Since the Middle Ages the plant has become especially known for its mood-enhancing effects. Our ALPINE ORGANICS lemon balm products create revitalizing shower moments in the morning, after sports or relaxing in the sauna. Perfect if you are in need of a boost of pleasant freshness.








Enjoy luxurious moments of harmony and relaxation with the delicate fragrance of the elderflower..









For many thousands of years, the Roseroot has beem used as a medicinal plant and is famous for its calming effects on body and mind. It provides mental strength and balance and is often also referred to as the "anti-stress plant". Treat yourself to a break with the ALPINE ORGANICS roseroot products and enjoy moments of relaxation and contemplation.







Swiss stone pine, or "stone pine", has been known for centuries for its positive effects on human well-being. Due to the extreme weather conditions to which the pine is exposed in the high mountains, it collects forces that are also found in their essential oils. The Swiss stone pine owes its positive influence on the relaxation and balance of the body primarily to its characteristic resinous-spicy fragrance. For a relaxed feeling, like after a walk in the forest.







Hay flowers are the flowers of various grasses that bloom during the harvest season. In naturopathy the hay flowers are given a variety of positive qualities. Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897) was already convinced of their healing powers. Particularly well-known are the florets for their promotion of defense strength against colds and also for the relaxation and calming. Enjoy the real hay feeling and experience the power of nature.