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Sustainability, for our environment!

We take responsibility for our environment. Our products include a careful selection of raw materials based on natural ingredients, convince through their vegan quality and are processed in environmentally friendly and resource-saving manufacturing processes. In addition, we offer environmentally friendly packaging solutions made from recycled materials as well as refillable product packaging and bulk containers.

Sustainable Packaging

Implement your sustainable product line with us.

Product Packaging

High quality, recyclable material
Recycled Plastic


Recycling Paper

The upper material is made from 100% recycled paper and requires 18% less energy and 31% less water to produce. Even raw materials such as wood and minerals are saved enormously. The paper is recyclable after use.

Rock Paper
Grass Paper
Wood Fiber

Folding Cartons

Recycling Paper
  • 100% recycled paper or
  • at least 60% recycled paper

FSC certified upon request

Wastefree Oceans

The project "wastefree oceans" is dedicated to the collection of plastic waste from the oceans, which is processed thereafter together with algae and transformed into small product packagings. In a first step, this helps to free our environment from existing plastic waste, which is then recycled and reused, reducing the demand for newly produced plastic. For each 1000 kg of ocean plastic 1650 kg of CO2 are saved compared to the use of conventional plastic. Thus, the use of ocean plastic not only leads to less plastic waste, it also has a positive effect on our climate.

We understand the use of recyclates as a necessary contribution to reduce plastics and to create a more sustainable economy from which future generations will benefit.