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Our Product Range


Discover our versatile range of special facial care for specific skin needs up to pregnancy care.
We offer you 100% genuine and safe natural cosmetics certified according to the highest standards and manufactured from a single source in Tyrol.

Facial Care

External influences such as heat, cold, UV radiation and environmental pollution have an effect on the facial skin. For protection, it therefore requires a particularly high quality care. Our product formulas are tailored to different skin needs and skin types and offer a wide variety of valuable ingredients. Before applying the skin care, a thorough cleansing to remove make-up residue, sebum and dandruff is essential, so that active ingredients can be optimally absorbed.

Cleansing Emulsion, Cleansing Milk, Cleansing Foam, Toner, Eye Make-Up Remover
Skin Care

Body Skin Care

Our skin protects us from external influences, regulates the heat balance and is at the same time a sensory organ. Our cleansing- and skin care products nourish your skin with valuable natural ingredients, soft textures and a variety of scents.


Shower Gel, Shower Peeling, Shower Bath, Body Peeling, Liquid Soap, Solid Soap 
Basic Skin Care
Special Care

Hair Care

Daily styling, environmental influeneces and special treatments such as dyeing or perming can damage the hair. The natural hair care products by Pure Green deeply moisturize and nourish your hair and help preserve the scalp’s protective function

Shampoo, Hair & Body Wash

Men Care

Men's skin requires a special skin care as it has more pores and sebaceous glands compared to women's skin and thus has a higher tendency to shine and impurities. In its structure, it is about 20 % thicker than women’s skin. Signs of skin aging therefore appear later, the changes however occur faster and wrinkles are more pronounced. Men therefore benefit from a skin and hair care that is specially tailored to their needs. Here we offer you a wide range of solutions and scents.
Shower Gel, Shampoo, Hair & Body Wash, Cleansing Emulsion, Soaps
Body Skin Care

Baby & Child Care, Pregnancy Care

Natural cosmetic products are particularly important for babies and toddlers to minimize the intake of harmful ingredients. The developing skin of children and babies has a higher pH value ​​and is more permeable to harmful substances. Our product lines were formulated together with skin experts and are tailored to the special needs of baby skin or expectant mothers.
 Shampoo, Hair & Body Wash, Bath Supplement, Toothpaste

Oral Hygiene

Regular oral hygiene avoids the development of caries and periodontal disease - thus preventing premature tooth loss. Natural-based oral care products clean plaque, maintain the gums and create a balanced oral flora. Our formulations provide highly effective tooth care on a natural basus. Our specialties are individual flavors and combinations of active ingredients. According to your requirements, we can address the needs of different consumer groups and age groups.
Toothpaste, Mouthwash, Mouth Spray, Tooth Oil

Cleaning Agents

The environment pays a high price for our hygiene standards as chemical cleaning agents heavily pollute our wastewater. We have therefore developed naural, sustainable and yet highly efficient alternatives. Our cleaning agents leave a clean and thorough finish and yet contain no harmful substances. In this way you are not only protecting the environment, but also your children and pets.
Cleaning Products
Intensive Cleaner, Universal Cleaner, Floor Cleaner

Animal Care

Natural cosmetic products are essential for pets in order to prevent synthetic ingredients from entering the body whilst they are cleaning their coat. Specially formulated to meet the needs of pets, our products gently cleanse, support the skin's natural protective function and leave the coat silky and smooth. Our products also take the higher pH value of the animal’s skin into account. We do not use any special scents in our animal care products in order to provide a pleasant and natural scent which does not disturb the animal. 
Dog Shampoo