Corporate Philosophy

Pure Passion for Nature

A bit of nature is not enough! - When we say 'naturally' we mean it that way. We stand for naturalness, regionality, authenticity, veganism and organic farming. Since these tags are used frequently and "green-washing" became a common marketing method, transparency and honest education is incredibly important to us.

Our vision is to give people access to honest, ethical and morally correct, high-quality and affordable natural cosmetic products. We want our customers to feel safe by marked natural and vegan certifications on which they can rely to 100%. We ensure that all the raw materials used have best quality and mainly are locally grown. Resources are used as carefully as possible and are as sustainable as practicably possible.

We want to meet our economic responsibility and the responsibility towards the environment and to our descendants. Our values, policies and our behaviour are aligned on the social responsibility we feel towards our employees.

"Do no harm!" is an important guiding principle of our thoughts and influencing factor for all our behavior. We categorically reject all substances associated with any type of animal experiments.

Our aim is to become a top provider in terms of our values in the region as well as internationally. For this, we are researching new recipes and develop new and innovative natural cosmetic products which offer a unique selling proposition by their natural and vegan quality. To further develop our expertise constantly, we invest in targeted personnel development measures such as education and employee training.




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