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Face Care

External influences such as heat, cold, UV radiation and environmental pollution have a particular effect on the facial skin. For protection it requires a particularly high-quality care. Our formulations respect different skin needs and skin types and offer a wide variety with valuable ingredients. Before the maintenance, the good cleaning of make-up remnants, tallow and dead skin cells is essential, so that active ingrediences can be absorbed optimally.

Product range:

  • Rinse-off: cleaning emulsion, cleansing milk, cleansing foam, facial water, eye mask remover
  • Care: moisturizing, anti-aging care, serums, concentrates, eye care 

Body Care

The body skin protects against external influences, regulates heat balance and is at the same time also a sense organ. Our cleansing and care formulas pamper your skin with precious natural ingredients, delicate textures and a variety of fragrances.

Product range:

  • Rinse-off: shower gel, body care, body peeling, liquid soap, hand soap
  • Basic Care: body lotion, body butter, body oil, hand cream, foot cream, deodorants
  • Special Care: arnica gel, cellulite creme

Hair Care

Hair and scalp are stressed by daily styling, environmental influences or also special applications such as dyeing or perming. Our formulas make the hair shiny, wonderfully supple and maintain the natural protective function of the scalp.

Product range:

  • Rinse-off: shampoo, hair & body wash
  • Care: conditioner, heat protection spray
  • Styling: styling gel

Men´s Care

Men‘s skin differs from women‘s skin both in structure and function. It has more pores and sebaceous glands and tends to more luster and impurities. In it‘s structure it is about 20% thicker, signs of aging are therefore later visible, but then changes show more rapidly. Most noticeable are tear-sacks and dark circles around the eyes. Men therefore benefit from a skin and hair care tailored specifically to their needs. Here, we offer you individual Solutions in different fragrances.

Product range:

  • Rinse-off: shower gel, shampoo, hair & body wash, facial cleanser, soap
  • Care: facial fluid, face cream, special care, body care, deodorants
  • Shave: shaving cream, shaving gel, after shave balm, beard care

Baby & Kids Care, Pragnancy Skin Care

Natural cosmetic products are essential for babies and small children in order to minimize the intake of harmful ingredients. The young skin has higher pH values and is more permeable. Limits for harmful substances are reached much faster. Our product lines meet the special requirements of babies and small children and are well-proven. 

Product range:

  • Rinse-off: shampoo, hair & body wash, bath additive, toothpaste
  • Care: face cream, skin protection cream, body lotion, pragnancy skin care

Oral Care

Our formulations provide highly effective dental care on a natural basis. Our specialty are individual combinations of flavors and active ingrediences. According to your individual requirements, we can respond here to the needs of different consumer groups and age groups.

Product range:

  • toothpaste, mouth wash, mouth spray, tooth oil

Household Cleaner

For our current hygienic standards, the environment pays a high price, as chemical detergents heavily burden our sewage. Therefore, we have developed environmentally compatible, sustainable yet highly efficient alternatives.

Pet Care

Natural cosmetic products are indispensable for pets to prevent synthetic ingredients from entering into the organism when dogs and cats do their fur care. Our products, specially developed for the needs of pets, clean mildly, make the fur silky-shiny and support the natural protective function of the skin. They also take into account the higher pH of dog and cat skin. Since they do not contain any special fragrances, they please the sensitive noses.

Product range:

  • dog shampoo
  • paws cream
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